Prefabricated Warehouse Manufacturer in Gurugram - Manesar

Akurai PEB LLP India’s leading prefabricated structure manufacturer has a manufacturing plant in Gurugram, Manesar as well. The firm has years of extensive experience in providing customized solutions to businesses across various sectors. As a pioneering prefabricated warehouse manufacturer in Gurugram, Manesar; our industrial knowledge helps us provide top-notch commercial solutions which are aimed at empowering businesses with technically advanced prefab buildings. World-class industrial PEB structures are designed, manufactured and installed within pre-defined timelines. Being a leading prefabricated structure supplier in Gurugram, Manesar; we specialize in manufacturing a wide array of PEB structures such as cladding sheets, industrial sheds, airport terminals and metal building products. The best part is that we provide you with end-to-end PEB construction solutions.  

Your Preferred  Prefab Building Manufacturer in Gurugram, Manesar


Team Akurai PEB LLP strives for 100 percent satisfaction. For more than 10 years,  we have produced top-class PEB products for a number of industries. As a leading Prefabricated Industrial Shed Manufacturer in Gurugram, Manesar, we boast of a phenomenal track record. Our fabulous client base across India and overseas as well as global footprint vouches for what we are capable of offering. We started our journey back in 2010 and established ourselves as a pioneer in the domain.  

Why Our Clients Prefer Akurai PEB LLP Over Others?

Akurai PEB LLP believes in continuous improvement. That’s why we kept upgrading our knowledge base and infrastructure. We made a mark in the dynamic PEB construction industry. That’s why we are a preferred PEB company in Gurugram Manesar. 

Our knowledge of the PEB construction has helped us deliver impeccable products with fabulous features.  We can design both light and heavy industrial steel structures for your business. 

Contemporary PEB Products at Affordable Prices

Akurai PEB LLP is adept in making optimal use of technology, infrastructure and expert knowledge. By choosing us you can rest assured that we will definitely exceed your expectations. Being the turnkey construction solution provider in Gurugram Manesar, we are proud of our accomplishments. Our future ready products are sure to take your business to the next level. Our experts will make sure that they turn out to be an asset for you in the long run. 

Being a full service pre-engineered building manufacturer in Gurugram, Manesar, our infrastructure is equipped with fully computerized machinery. Akurai PEB LLP’s manufacturing plant boasts of a vast manufacturing capacity. Our vast network in the industry is an added advantage and all vendors we are partnered with have an unmatched repute in the market. Over the years, we have worked with the most renowned brands across the nation as well as overseas. 

Should you need detailed information about our product range or how we approach prefab building construction, feel free to get in touch with us. One of the Akurai PEB LLP experts will get in touch with us.