Prefabricated Structure Supplier in Sanand

Pre-engineered building systems can be best defined as a comprehensive steel framing system with top-class pre-designed components. These PEB systems are ideal for any specific requirements of customers. Akurai PEB LLP is a recognized PEB company in Sanand engaged in the manufacturing of diverse, highly efficient and technologically advanced prefabricated buildings. These systems have long been considered a staple of commercial/industrial market sectors. These sectors include warehouses, industrial facilities, cold storages, distribution centers to name a few. PEB suppliers in Sanand say that these buildings are known for being reliable, aesthetically appealing and energy saving. The best part is that these buildings do not burn your pockets at all and offer return on investment. 

Akurai PEB LLP’s PEB Structures for that Competitive Edge

Akurai PEB LLP is a widely recognized PEB structure manufacturer in Sanand rendering versatile pre-engineered building systems that empower your business in ways more than one. These buildings have an edge over convention buildings. Let’s take a look why these systems are better than conventional building systems.

  • Design Criteria

Conventional steel buildings’ design criteria are AISC, AWS, JIS, DIN, and BS while for PEB structures they are AISC, MBMA, and AWS. PEB buildings have a huge edge here over traditional structures. 

  • Foundation

Heavy foundation is needed for conventional building structures which is not the case with prefabricated building systems. They are easy to construct and light in weight. They are about 30 percent lighter than traditional buildings due to the use of advanced stainless steel. 

  • Accessories

As far as accessories such as doors and windows among others are concerned, it is all way easier with PEB structures. There are interchangeable parts inclusive of pre-fabricated flashing and trims. 

  • Customizability 

These systems are highly customizable and pre engineered building manufacturers in Sanand such as Akurai PEB LLP provide you with highly customizable PEB structures which comply with your needs. 

  • Eco-friendliness 

Environment protection is the most important benefit offered by our pre-engineered buildings. Since they are made of advanced stainless steel, there is virtually no waste and about 90 percent of materials can be recycled and reused. 

  • Cost-effective and energy efficient

As a leading prefabricated warehouse manufacturer in Sanand, we offer cost-effective and thermal efficient PEB structures that serve you with the highest level of efficiency, performance and productivity in the long run. 

Choose the best prefab building manufacturer in Sanand

Akurai PEB LLP is the most reputed prefabricated industrial shed manufacturer in Sanand, with a proven track record. We have the best of infrastructure which is run by a team of professional designers and engineers. Our manufacturing unit comprises advanced computer-guided machines and we have a streamlined quality control process in place. We make sure that the best-suited raw materials are used and we help you from designing to manufacturing, shipping and erection as well. 

For more information about Akurai PEB LLP’s PEB structures, get in touch with one of the Akurai experts.